The Old Fireplace

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Ruins-photo by Rachel Bierke

The Old Fireplace

The Old Fireplace

stood against time.

Timeless in its

unspoken memories,

long passed.


Once a happy place

of love and wonder.

Family gathered round

to celebrate often,

celebrations of love, wonder.


Later, a place

of strife, anger,


None gathered there

but to argue, to fight.


Once a place

of secrets hidden,

it stood against time.

The Old Fireplace

is silent to eternity.


None gather any more,

to share their love, happiness, wonder

to share their strife, anger, unhappiness.

Now, their secrets silenced,

unheard forevermore.


The Old Fireplace

withstands time.

It sees all, hears all,

feels all, silences all.

The Old Fireplace is forevermore.


Author Notes

Picture Writing Prompt for Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge

Word count: 98 words

Genre: Poetry

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved, 3/22/15