Come On, Jasmine!


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#170

 The prompt this week and it is:

…the scent was overpowering…

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Come On, Jasmine!


She entered her kitchen. The scent was overpowering. That sweet smell of gas escaping could not be mistaken for any other. Lydia rushed toward the stove and saw her 15-year-old daughter sprawled on the floor.

Jasmine was unconscious. Lydia quickly dialed 911. She stooped beside her daughter and felt no air escaping her lungs. Jasmine wasn’t breathing. “Oh, my God!” Lydia exclaimed. “Why?” Lydia started CPR and heard the ambulance in the distance. “Come on, Jasmine!” she thought, “Come on!”

Later, at the funeral, Lydia would recall this day as she grieved Jasmine’s death.

…She collapsed to the ground despondently.

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