Depression and Its Stigma

Depression is defined as a “depressive disorder” in the mental health community and its mental health stigma impacts whether people seek treatment or not. There are 350 million people affected worldwide with depression. This disease differs from“sadness” which is defined as “emotional pain associated with or characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, helplessness, disappointment and … Read more

Susan’s Poems

Today, I share Susan’s Poems which are 4 poems written by me during the last week. #1 Cycle was written because I was having difficulty sleeping. #2 Pain, The Motivator was written for a contest on All Poetry and the prompt was to tell what motivated you to write. #3 was written tonight and tells how sadness has given way to depression and feelings of failed happiness. #4 was also written tonight and describes the storm within me as a tornado.

I hope you enjoy my poetry. I admit it is on the dark side so not all will enjoy.

The Band Played On

 Thanks go out to the hostess of Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My task is to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle, and End in 100 words. The following picture is the PHOTO PROMPT.  Click on the Blue Froggie below to enter your story or to read other’s stories.   Genre: Flash Fiction Word Count: 101 … Read more

Friendship and Social Media

Social media has impacted our lives and has changed how we define friendship today. I lived alone for several years before I moved to Tennessee with my daughter and her family. During that time alone, I wasn’t affected much by social media. I was on Facebook and usually checked in every couple of days, but … Read more

Solar Eclipses and Kings

Events influencing this weeks challenge were two phenomena occurring; (1) the eclipse of the HUGE sun by the much smaller moon with an atmosphere of stillness and peace whilst it was happening and (2) the procession of the remains of the last king of England to die in battle, Richard III. So, the prompt this week: …when the … Read more

Being Homeless

   Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week of 03-18-15  Each Tuesday a prompt photo will be provided for participants to base their stories on. Please attach this photo to your story when you post/publish them and if they have not been credited to the photographer on the photo, please credit them appropriately.  Please indicate on … Read more