Friday’s Fictioneers It’s time for some Friday Fictioneers action again, which provided by Rochelle Weisoff-Fields. The photo, for which we need to write our 100-ish word story is below. I encourage you to read all the other stories or to contribute your own if you like to write. Click on the blue frog to participate … Read more

How To Love Yourself

How to love yourself is the focus of this blog; a continuation from my last blog where I discussed hatred and self-hatred, also called self-loathing. For details, you can read “Why Do I Hate” from February 23, 2015. I discussed reasons we learn to hate including how we repeat self-hatred daily through our self-talk. Our inner critic … Read more


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Each Wednesday a prompt photo will be provided for participants to base their stories on. Please attach this photo to your story when you post/publish them and if they have not been credited to the photographer on the photo, please credit them appropriately. Each story’s word limit will be 100 … Read more

Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business

“The old typewriter had a mind of its own.” The shop proprietor, Carl, had a mind of his own too. He wondered why he could hear the typewriter typing when he unlocked the door that morning. Nobody was in the shop.

Why Do I Hate?

   Why do I hate? Why do any of us hate? That’s the fleeting thought I had a few days ago. You see, I entered a contest on All Poetry called “Fleeting Thoughts II” Entrants were to write a short poem about fleeting thoughts of hatred. I let my mind ponder my fleeting thoughts of … Read more

Identity Within

Who am I really?
I know how I act;
an actress in her role.