What Will The New Year Bring You?…Wisdom?

What will the New Year bring you?…Wisdom? 2015 promises each of us a new beginning in our lives. First let me tell you how this question came about. I was looking at a quiz on Facebook and decided to take the quiz on Brainfall.com. The quiz told me that I would gain wisdomWith that prediction, I thought about this result and realized I was wiser than in my past.

I know that new beginnings come from learning from our past so I will begin with the story of my past and how I became wiser than I was when I was in 1987. At the time, I was married with two stepchildren, aged fourteen and fifteen and a 5 year-old daughter. My husband was an actively drinking alcoholic and there was chaos in our t was to no avail. He was still drinking and Exhausted at trying to stop the turmoil we all lived in. Finally, I started counseling and was directed to attend Alanon meetings. I doubted these meetings but agreed to attend one meeting.

At the meeting, I was ushered to a “Beginners Class” and the speaker told us that we could not control the drinking of the alcoholic but we could control ourselves and how we reacted to the chaos in our lives. She introduced us to the Serenity Prayer.

Intrigued I decided to attend more than one meeting. The first used of the Serenity Pray dates back to 1937 with Reinhold Niebuhr and it was adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous or AA in 1951. The prayer and it’s three parts were then adopted by Alanon.

How could a simple prayer restore order and bring peace to my home? Could I learn how to find Peace? Could I teach this to my children? In my next blog we will discuss the Serenity Prayer in more detail and how the use of this prayer and the principles of Alanon can help you to survive and prosper in the midst of chaos whether it be from alcoholism, another addiction, or mental illness. The principles taught in the Serenity Prayer are a new beginning journey toward change in your inner soul. What will the New Year 2015 bring?…Wisdom?  Are you curious as I was? “Keep coming back.” as Alanon says.




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