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Hello and Welcome! 

I’m Susan and Susan’s Thoughts and Musings is my Blog. Langer is my last name. The writing that you will find here is sometimes funny, other times interesting, but always meaningful…a dream of mine for a long time. I hope it suits you.

In my Blog, I write a variety of posts near and dear to me. The content includes four content areas:

  • The Inner Soul is about Mental Health Awareness, some education, and Inspiration.
  • Personal Thoughts is a section reserved for my own thoughts, opinions, and causes. I support. RIGHTS of women, children,  humanity, LGBT, animals, and ecology. I don’t like how the homeless and impoverished are treated by our society and I don’t like or support politics, war, and violence. (Let me get off my soapbox!)
  • Poetry and Prose is a section that describes itself. There are a variety of poems I have written and some prose. My poetry is on AllPoetry.com.
  • My Devotional Journal includes Christian articles, poems, Devotional Studies, Prayer, and Bible Studies.

I am a writer deep down in my soul, especially poetry. I love to read and write creatively and I have life experiences from nursing for 30 plus years and my Psychology Degree.

I retired in 2010 and live in Nashville, TN with my family. That’s a lot of information about myself and Susan’s Thoughts and Musings, but I’d really like to know you too (’cause I’ve been doing all the talking as a typical Southerner).

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Why don’t you come on in and sit awhile and read some of what’s written here? My writing will deeply touch you at times…other times make you angry (though I hope not), and amuse you occasionally. So, sign up and become a member of Susan’s Thoughts and Musings. Without you, we are incomplete.

God Bless,


PS…Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my Blog! 

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